Test FR Campaign

Hymns, stew and doombats

1372 DR Eleint 13

The Heroes of Brindoll and Overlook investigate their ambush and discover they were targeted by the Lost Ones.

Their quest leads them to the Happy Beggar; a soup kitchen run by two Paladins in Tradetown.

The soup kitchen appears innocuous enough but further snooping uncovers a hidden tunnel that lead underground.


A hidden tunnel indeed, people with foes running from giant bats up to a horde of wraiths. Nothing to get too alarmed about then. The wraiths should have known better than to oppose one such as I. There was a certain gratifying feeling to be had in bravely stepping forward and taking the frontline when the wraiths attacked, with one Chill Touch spell later dispensing my own brand of necromantic mischief. Once we have done what we must in this subteranean place we can confront the charlatans masquerading as clergy above and remove them. This Modra villain will have to run to the other end of the Universe to escape my chilly touch.

Hymns, stew and doombats

Those wraith thingys were not nice. We almost lost a couple of us to their touch. And worse, that Morda scoundrel got away. But we’ll get him…

Hymns, stew and doombats

Ah, frightened by nasty undead and then through an odd portal to a shadowland. I’m not sure it’s too safe to stay for long here, but it seems that the dark-creeper Modra is as much an enemy of this state as he is ours. Getting to him may be difficult though, as everyone seems out to get him and it may even be that someone has succeeded in this, given the scuffle we saw signs of at the other side of the door. Who has taken him we cannot say, and as strangers here we amy not be able to discover. Still, I have somehow made friends with our neighbours, Hobgoblins. That certainly is a sentence I never expected to write. Where will the winds blow us next?

Hymns, stew and doombats

Yes tunnel indeed,pity none of the rest of the party “tied on”,and gravity took control,oh well,big shame,so sorry,how sad.
One party of adventurers freshly deposited in the dark,(OI! WAS THAT MY LANTERN!) and set about by bats.
Grishi stunned laughing….

Hymns, stew and doombats

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