Test FR Campaign

An invitation to dinner

1372 DR Eleint 12

After their efforts at Bordrin’s Watch the party rest and recuperate in Overlook where they are feted as heroes.

The Heroes are invited to a celebratory dinner at Caer Overlook.

On the way there they are ambushed by a mage and five thugs.


Great Myrkuls Ghost. Now disgruntled thieves and their thuggish friends are out to kill me. All because of some ill advised heroics by the goons of the group I (and I suppose Kaeraelia too) am dragged into this foolish and quite frankly beneath me sordid situation. There’s no doubt about it, if those thieves come near me again I shall make them bleed out on the floor, and I may find their families as well, just to make the point. I’m from Thay, damn their eyes and I shall not tolerate their bestial habits and disrespectful ways anymore.

An invitation to dinner

Imagine leaving behind your armour and weapons? I can’t! Just as well that I bought mine. Hope this little scare forces people to get their fingers out their ass! This town is full of scum. Whether it is people in charge, or those behind the scenes. Damn, I hate civilisation! Rrrraaaaarrrrggghhh!

An invitation to dinner

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