The Forgotten Realms

The players find themselves in the city of Mintar by the Lake of Steam.

Tragically it is under the control of the followers of Bane, and here they fall in with a bad crowd!

However, a turn of the wheel of fate leads them from being minor villians to (very) minor heroes in the village of Brindol.

Will the hand of fate deal them another good hand….?

A call to arms leads them to the city of Overlook and the desperate attempt to stem an Orc Horde.

Having saved Overlook from the horde, they rest on their laurels, briefly….

Only to be ambushed by the Lost Ones, which leads to the Happy Beggar and a hidden portal to Shadowfell!

Following the successful pursuit of revenge the Heroes of Brindol, Overlook & Overlook are wooed by the Elsir Corporation to work for them again.

Their successfully handling of the Elsir Corporation’s business, earns them the new title of Heroes of Dunesend.

Summoned to Brindoll the Heroes finding a talking sword and follow it on a quest to an old, abandoned fortress.

Test FR Campaign

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