The Heroes have to date acquired the following titles:

Heroes of Brindol

The party save townsfolk from Brindol who have been taken prisoner and recover the town’s historical artefacts.

Heroes of Overlook (#1)

The party travel into the Stonehome Mountains and uncover a plan to ambush the city of Overlook. By travelling into the mountain and closing the Nexus they save the city from a possibly catastrophic fate.

Heroes of Overlook (#2)

The party uncover a weapon running scheme that involves a portal to the Shadowlands. Once there they uncover a threat to Overlook posed by an ambitious warlord. The party destroy his means of weapon production and deliver a significant set-back to his plans.

Heroes of Dunesend

The party endeavour to find and re-open the ancient dwarf mine of Karak Lode. They defeat an evil Queen who controls the mine and dominates the people of the area.


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