Test FR Campaign

Many a trip between...?

The Heroes attack the Shadar-Kai and Gnolls in the room with a barrage of spring attacks and missile fire.

The Gnolls they by-passed in the shifting room, have followed them and now are set to attack from behind. The Heroes decide to move into the training room and spike the stone doors closed ensuring that they are attacked from only one direction.

The Shadar-Kai weapons master provides a pertinent display on the use of the spiked chain as a reach weapon, and for the purposes of tripping.

However, excellent work from the Heroes, even those who have been tripped and are left lying on the ground, brings what was a sticky situation to a positive end. Girshi manages to keep trading blows with the Weapons Master, while Tern casts healing spells from the floor. Janice and Kaeraelia make short work of the remaining Gnolls.

After defeating the ground forces the Heroes continue to be subject to missle fire from covered positions. In these circumstances they drag the body of the Weapons Master to a adjacent corridor, and wait for enemy reinforcements to arrive.

The portal trap!

After dispatching the door guards, the heroes of Brindoll (et al.) proceed through the double doors of the keep. Inside they quickly eliminate the Gnoll guards but discover that the entrance way is blocked by magical portals.

After some experimentation, Cullen fortuitously, finds himself in the true entrance way. As the other heroes attempt to find their way through, the Barghast returns to attack the Cleric. The Barghast’s attempts at mind control are rebuffed by the power of Lanthandor. While Cullen battles the Barghast, Kaeraelia manages to manipulate the portal to join Cullen in the entrance way. They manage to wound the Barghast, and as the others arrive the Barghast flees.

The heroes re-group and proceed into the complex. They find a room that contains three Gnoll guards with hyenas and a strange, constantly shifting floor, which they deign not to enter.

They hear the apparent sounds of fighting which they follow and come to a room that appears to be set aside for training. There are a number of Gnolls and a Shadar-kai trainer engaged in sparring. The heroes decide to intervene.

The Battle on the Wet Steps

The Heroes arrive at the steps of Greystone Fortress to be faced with four Gnoll guards and a Greater Barghest.

They decide upon the frontal assault plan and battle commences with Cullen casting a number of protections spells.

Most of the Heroes focus their efforts on the Barghest, while Kaeraelia strikes out on her own through the slippery, water soaked steps.

A number of initial attacks fall foul of the Barghest’s blink ability, while the Gnolls move into threatening positions.

Janice uses her new found ability to make deadly strikes to complement Girshi’s monstrously damaging attacks. These attacks drive the Barghest into retreat will the heroes move into to dispatch the Gnolls.

The Barghest decides that discretion is the better part of valour and disappears, while the Heroes kill all but the last Gnoll who surrenders.

In exchange for letting him go the Gnoll provides some information on the numbers within the fortress and who leads them.

The Heroes prepare to enter the Fortress through the front door.

To the Fortress of Graystone

The Heroes travel to the Fortress of Graystone.

An interruption at the Hall

The Heroes arrive in Brindoll and are interrupted in their deliberations by a nasty surprise!

And then there were two!

The Heroes rest in Overlook having assisted the Elsir Consortium. They now number but two, after they and Suthek parted ways. Kaeraelia and Girshi consider what to do next. Do they disband; do they invite their competent guide Janice to join?

Their weighty considerations are interrupted by the news from Kalad that a messenger from Brindoll is in Overlook attempting to contact the Heroes.
Girshi and Kaeraelia visit the marketplace to investigate further. Some delicate and persistent questioning brings the news that the messenger left a day or so ago with the Lost Ones.

Fearing the worst the Heroes seek advice from Myra who directs them to the abandoned Temple of Lathatander in the Nine Bells district of the city. It is rumoured that the Lost Ones use the temple as a meeting spot. The Heroes invited Janice to assist them in their investigations of the temple.

As they approach the temple they spy a figured hiding on the roof of a nearby building apparently watching the temple. He waves them forward and introduces himself as Gilgthorn, or Thorn to his friends, a modest mercenary.

The Heroes plus their new allies decide to take the direct approach and enter the temple through the front door. In the temple they find a priest of Lanathandor tied to a chair in the centre of the room, and armed, shadowy figures concealed around the perimeter of the room. Kaeraelia’s attempt at negotiation is rebuffed, and combat ensues.

Janice freed the priest from his bonds, and moved to attack the kidnappers.

Girshi moved to engage the nearest kidnapper, and struck a mighty blow, however the effects of a backbiter spell meant that the weapon recoiled and struck him inflicting the damage on him.

Kaeraelia was engaged by a Hellhound which she eventually overcame but not without suffering severe hurt.

Tern the freed priest used the chair he had been sitting on as an improvised weapon to strike his kidnappers, unfortunately reducing it to matchwood. His next attack, however, was conducted with the chair leg. Finally Kaeraelia reached him and handed over The Mace of Bashing Stuff.

The Heroes at Rest

Following their efforts in the mines of Karak Lode the Heroes rest and recuperate. They conduct a thorough search of the Bluff Castle and the mine area for loot. They find no further evidence of the Birdman.

The entire stash of coin, gems and magic is loaded upon a travois and dragged out of the desert to Dunesend. Once the people of Dunesend hear the story of the defeat of the evil Queen Shephatiah they fete the party as heroes and are granted the title of Heroes of Dunesend.

The next day Heroes travel across the Thorn Wastes guided ably by Janice, they arrive safely in Overlook, where they visit Bram Ironfell immediately. Bram is greatly disheartened to hear what has befallen Karak Lode. He vows that the mine will remain forever closed.

Later that evening, Suthek makes a shock announcement. He believes that his fate lies down a different path from the Heroes and now is the time for them to go their separate ways. Suthek bids them farewell and leaves the Heroes stunned.

Of the original Heroes, only Girshi and Kaeraelia remain. They must now consider their next move; should they induct Janice into the Heroes, should they bolster their numbers. Undecided upon what to do they pause to consider their path.

The Dénouement

After dealing with the guards at the protcullis, the Heroes explore the remaining passageways.

They find one, which leads to a large open cavern that shows signs of recent mining activities.

They eliminate the occupants, and travel to the final cavern, and the lair of the real Queen.

During a climatic battle, the Queen and her minions are slain, but only through very good fortunate and a huge slice of luck.

Birds of a feather...

The Heroes discover a secret hatch in the floor in the cell that once contained the bird man.

They open the door and travel down to the lower levels using their various magical/non-magical means of travel!

Once at the bottom then find a portcullis blocking their path guarded by a number of Troglodytes. A hastily arranged plan is hatched.

Heroically while under fire from the Troglodytes, Girshi and Jancie attempt to lift the portcullis permitting Suthek and Kaeraelia to attack. The Troglodytes respond with a hail of javelins and flaming flasks of oil. Despite being doused in flaming oil, Girshi and Janice keep the portcullis open while the Heroes attack.

After clearing the area of Troglodytes the Heroes regroup and prepare for the dangers ahead.

Of a Royal audience cut short...

The Heroes decide that they cannot allow an enemy to stay behind them while they move forward, and a plan is derived to remove the threat.

Having been in the presence of the Royal Court previously they arrange a surprise attack.

Janice under the influence of stoneskin and invisibility rushes in to eliminate the Queen as quickly as possible, while Girshi wades in with his usual persuasive arguments, and a large axe. Suthek and Kaeraelia snipe from the doorway.

The Heroes dispatch the Royal Court, and are not even troubled by the sudden appearance of two Hell hounds. In the subsequent mop-up they express their surprise at the ease with which the Royal Court was dispatched.


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