Test FR Campaign

The wrecking crew
1372 DR Flamerule 30

The party are tasked with waiting on the shore to catch a group of wreckers in the act…

The find them, track them back to their lair and numerous Banite soldiers descend upon the wreckers, slaughtering them all.

Artistes are so sensitive....
1372 DR Midsummer

The party visit the Gray Hand and see a show that Bane and his followers would certainly not approve of!

However, in their excitement they upset the artistes and drive them out of town.

They meet Shorty and are assigned a task by him.

The Burning Plague
1372 DR Shieldmeet

The party travel to the village of Duvik north of Mintar on an errand for Shorty.

The villagers have not been heard from for some time.

1372 DR Eleasis 2

The party travel to Duvik and discover that the village is suffering from a strange plague. No one has heard from the last shift of miners in the silver mines.

After quizzing the mayor and investigating the village the party concluded that the mine itself is worthy of investigation.

They discover the mine has been the site of a skirmish. The mine appears to have been taken over by a party of Kobolds.

After dispatching most of the Kobolds in a hail of fiery oil, they negotiate with the rest after reaching an impass. The Kobolds bargain for their safe passage out of the mine, after warning the party of a “demon” located further ahead in the mine.

The party confronts the “demon”, an orc, and his zombie followers, and dispatches them all.

Upon killing the “demon” the mysterious spell of plague appears to be lifted and the taint on the village is removed.

Unfortunately while engaged in this heroic activity members of the party have contracted the burning plague.

They return to the village where they are made comfortable and fate will decide who will survive and who will not.

1372 DR Eleasis 14

After some particularly close calls all the party members recover from their bout of illness, but during this time two ten-days have passed.

The party is rewarded with a cash payment and the eternal friendship and hospitality of the villagers.

They finally take their leave from the village and head south to Mintar following a job well done.

1372 DR Eleasis 15

Travelling back from the Village they stumbled across an occupied campsite.

1372 DR Eleasis 16

The next day they are ambushed at their own campsite…

Things don’t go so well for the ambushers as they are cut down. The mystery is why did they attack?

The stripping of the dead
1372 DR Eleasis 26

After recovering for an uninvited ambush the party strip the bodies and return to the ambushers’ camp site to investigate and loot.

After searching they find the ambusher’s baggage and, concealed in marshy ground, a black dragon’s egg.

They return to Mintar with it and, with the assistance of Suthek’s mystery allies they smuggle it into the city.

1372 DR Eleasis 17

The next day they sell all the looted equipment in the market. In the evening they travel to the Gray Hand Tavern to report to Shorty of the success of their mission.

Unable to find Shorty, and as it appears to be a slow evening in the Gray Hand Tavern they decide to check, what is reputed to be, the most dangerous and rough establishment in Mintar, the Tavern of the Young Sage.

Shorty sends them away...

Sent from Mintar to Brindol….

Half way towards Brindol the party is ambushed (again!) this time by a party of Orcs.

A priest of Gruumsh, two acolytes and 6 warrior Orcs, mean that a significant fight ensues.

It is made worse when the priest resurrects the dead Orcs and the fight continues!

It’s a close run thing, but they pull through with no losses, although tempers get a little frayed.

The wand of healing is used extensively and is now down to just a few charges.

Rescue at Rivenroar
1372 DR Eleasis 29

After recovering from the ambush, the party travel on to Brindol without incident.

Arriving in Brindol in the early evening they stop in at the Antler and Thistle for a quiet drink.

Their evening is rudely interrupted by a surprise attack by a band of Goblinoids.

Having dispatched the inn-truders, they meet a small watch patrol. The watchmen are all badly injured.

Outside they hear shouts and enter the street to see it full of fleeing townsfolk, closely followed by an ogre pulling a wagon and throwing barrels of flaming pitch.

They urge the townsfolk to safety, equip themselves and head out to meet the threat.

The Kaeraelia Rael and the Suthek Amon Baoth snipe from the upstairs windows in the inn, while the watch patrol and the two stalwarts head out to meet the threat.

They engage the ogre, while avoiding flaming barrels of pitch. Tragically Olwen of the Watch is struck down by a massive club, but his death is avenged by his Watch compatriots as Magee of the Watch slashes the Ogre’s femoral artery.

The group dispatch the two remaining hobgoblins, one of which is shot through the throat as he flees by the Suthek Amon Baoth.

The Watch Patrol and the party are met by another Watch Patrol who urge them to head to the bridge to defend the town.

Upon arriving at the bridge they discover a scene of carnage. The bridge is littered with dead, Goblinoids, townsfolk and town guard; however, the invaders are gone. The party stand watch with the survivors until dawn comes.

A young boy with only one eye runs to the party with a summons from Councilmember Eoffram Troyas. The party follow the boy to the Hall of Great Valour, which shows signs of being recently ransacked.

Within the Hall, surrounded by the ruins of the display case that once held the town’s proud heritage stands Troyas. He, having seen the party’s valiant efforts, requests that they undertake a mission for the people of Brindol.

During the recent raid the Gobilnoids took some townsfolk prisoner and are holding them. Troyas wants them back alive, and if they can also recover the five town treasures so much the better.

The rescue continues....
1372 DR Eleasis 30

The party venture further on and encounter an Ochre Jelly, some fire elementals and two ettercaps!

The rescue is maintained...
1372 DR Eleasis 30

The party continue their valiant effort to save the people of Brindoll. A bag of holding and a magical axe are their rewards.

The rescue nears completion...
1372 DR Eleint 1

Despite a warrior walk-out the rescue maintains momentum….


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