Test FR Campaign

Artistes are so sensitive....
1372 DR Midsummer

The party visit the Gray Hand and see a show that Bane and his followers would certainly not approve of!

However, in their excitement they upset the artistes and drive them out of town.

They meet Shorty and are assigned a task by him.

The wrecking crew
1372 DR Flamerule 30

The party are tasked with waiting on the shore to catch a group of wreckers in the act…

The find them, track them back to their lair and numerous Banite soldiers descend upon the wreckers, slaughtering them all.

The Gray Hand
1372 DR Flamerule 29

The party travel to the Gray Hand looking for the mysterious mounted fish on the trail of Kaldaan.

Here they meet Banner, get pick pocketed and learn that entertainment at the Gray Hand is a little partisan!

The party meet a woman, Nerill, who claims to be in a romantic relationship with Kaldaan. She claims to know where Kaldaan is staying, but is too scared to go there. After some persuasion, they agree to go to the house and confront Kaldaan.

The old lady next door
1372 DR Flamerule 28

The following day the party have their breakfast rudely interrupted by the Banite Guard Captain with another task. The must investigate a report of strange sounds and lights at an abandoned house in Mintar.

They interview a neighbour (The old lady next door) who informs them that the house belonged to a wizard who had been dead for over 200 years. However the woman indicates that she knew him, and that he had always been very helpful with her shopping, rubbish collection, and a little light gardening.

The party decide to search the affected house and find it to be in pristine condition, but decorated in a very old fashioned style.

Finding nothing of note they assume that the house is empty until the half-orc is surprised when a concealed door under the stairs opens and an animated candelabra emerges, and attacks. After a brief struggle the candelabra is subdued and restrained.

The party proceed to the basement where they find a large empty room that may have once served as some form of laboratory. In the centre of the room is a large pile of rubbish. The rubbish heap contains bits of equipment, the results of failed experiments and broken magical items.

While searching through the rubbish they trigger a number of strange magical effects; including being attacked (and nearly killed) by a half-formed stone statue. One of these effects allows the Kaeraelia Rael to see a vision of her brother sitting in a tavern, in the background a large fish appears to be mounted upon the wall.

Having determined the nature of the threat the party return to the Banite Guard Captain and inform him of their findings. He provides the standard reward and tells them that his men will deal with the situation now.

Tyr, Tunnels & Goblins
1372 DR Flamerule 27

The following day the party are interrupted at breakfast by the Banite guard captain who informs them that they have another task to complete.

They are marched to another house where they are to clear a baker and his family from the premises.

Upon entering the house they discover it to be empty. After searching they find a concealed trap door in the floor that leads to a hidden basement. In the basement is a hidden shrine to the god Tyr.

A rough hewn tunnel has been dug into the shire room, and the floor is littered with mining spoil. In amongst the rock, the party find a discarded child’s doll.

The party follow the recently dug tunnel to a primitive food storage area, where they discover a partially dismembered adult male body. And realise that the area appears to be populated with Goblins. They capture a Goblin, question him for information and then kill him.

They return to the street to confer with the Banite guard captain where they receive little sympathy and are told to get on with it, or he’ll assume that they are not up to the task!

The party venture back underground and conduct a reconnoitre of the site. Having determined that most of the Goblin population consists of Goblin pups, individuals who are sleeping or very lax in their guard duties, they decide to act.

The half-elf sneaks into the sleeping quarters and kills all the 10 sleeping Goblins. They proceed through the Goblin lair eliminating all before them in what proves to be a straightforward task.

Once they have cleared the tunnels they examine the rest of the complex, and note that it contains two concealed exits that may prove useful in the future as secret routes out of the city.

And so it begins....
1372 DR Flamerule 25

A half-elf (Kaeraelia Rael), a half-orc, a dwarf and a human (Suthek Amon Baoth) are travelling in a coach to Mintar for their own private reasons.

It is a dark and stormy night when a few miles from the city the coach throws a wheel.

The party gets out to look around, and help the coachmen conduct repairs.

The spot some lights out near the rocky shore. The lights appear to be sending some kind of signal to a ship sailing quite far off-shore.

They decide that, under the circumstances and considering the weather, it would be best if they pressed onwards to Mintar.

Arriving in Mintar they find the city under marital law imposed by the followers of Bane. At the entrance to the city they are registered and allocated rooms in the tavern of the Gilded Peasant by a local Banite administrator.

1372 DR Flamerule 26

At breakfast the following morning, having indicated that three of the four of them are looking for work, they are marched by a guard captain and a troop of soldiers to a local butcher shop. The shop is in a three storey building with the business premises on the ground floor and family living quarters on the second and third floors.

The guard captain informs the party that they must clear the shop and house of all occupants. Despite vigorous, yet peaceful, protests of innocence from the family the party clear the house and march the family to a market square near one of the main city gates. There the family are split by gender by Banite soldiers and are loaded into wagons. Each of the wagons are already full of people. Once the butcher’s family are loaded on the wagons pull out of the market square and head out through the city gate.

The party are thanked for carrying out their duties are given a small paper receipt in lieu of payment. They are told to take these slips to the main administrative centre in the city where they will be rewarded.

Upon arrival they are given a small payment for the completion of the allotted task and are give a symbol of Bane in the form of a small broach. They are told that this will identity them to Banite patrols and ensure that they are not obstructed in their duties.


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