Test FR Campaign

Hymns, stew and doombats
1372 DR Eleint 13

The Heroes of Brindoll and Overlook investigate their ambush and discover they were targeted by the Lost Ones.

Their quest leads them to the Happy Beggar; a soup kitchen run by two Paladins in Tradetown.

The soup kitchen appears innocuous enough but further snooping uncovers a hidden tunnel that lead underground.

An invitation to dinner
1372 DR Eleint 12

After their efforts at Bordrin’s Watch the party rest and recuperate in Overlook where they are feted as heroes.

The Heroes are invited to a celebratory dinner at Caer Overlook.

On the way there they are ambushed by a mage and five thugs.

The slaughter at Bordrin's Watch
1372 DR Eleint 11

The Heroes travel back to Overlook to find the city secure and intact. After a brief rest and recuperation the Heroes ponder what they have learned.

Kaeraelia considers the restoration of her sight as a miracle, She gives thanks to Shaundakul and chooses to pursue a path in his service.

The sleep of the just
1372 DR Eleint 10

Having escaped the Nexus, the Heroes arrive on a shoulder of the Hammer to face their escaping foes.

As each Orc attempts to ascend the ladder, Girshi cuts them down, although some fall back down the ladder, threatening the escape of the remaining Heroes from the boiling water below.

Eventually their enemies are all but dispatched although three Orcs manage to run off into the night.

The Heroes, gather their wits, use the last of their healing powers and strike-out for the Monastery of the Sundered Chain.

They arrive unmolested at the Monastery and barricade themselves in a safe area to rest, heal and consider their future plans.

Careful, you could land in hot water!
1372 DR Eleint 10

After defeating the creatures fouling the Shrine of Moradin, an avatar of Moradin appears to reward them.

The heroes enter the Nexus, and race for the top of the chamber.

By Moradin's Hammer....
1372 DR Eleint 10

After overcoming the constructs and the turrets the Heroes move swiftly into the Boiler Room. Lying in wait are a group of Orcs, some fiery beetles, and one of the invisible gnomes. The party move to attack and quickly dispatch the Orcs with little difficulty. The invisible gnome makes a number of surprise attacks as he disappears and re-appears with ease, but finally chooses to retreat through a set of double doors leading from the Boiler Room. While killing one of the fiery beetles the heroes learn that they produce a fireball as they expire.

They proceed through the double doors and are faced with a choice of left, right or straight-ahead. Kalad explains that the way ahead leads to the Nexus and that they should check the right and left areas in case they are ambushed. The heroes move to the shrine of Moradin and discover it has been befouled by the Orcs and a Cave Troll. The troll is feasting on the remains of the Farstriders as the Heroes enter the shrine. There is a terrific fight, with Kalad inspired by the plight of Moradin’s shrine, his hand appears to be guided by the Dwarven God himself. In the end the heroes manage to vanquish their enemies.

Descent into the Monastery
1372 DR Eleint 10
A shopping trip and a moment of passion
1372 DR Eleint 9

Following the events of the previous day the group tour the stores in Overlook seeking to acquire items that will enhance their effectiveness.

During this time Girshi seduces the straight-talking, half-elf, Myra.

In the lap of luxury
1372 DR Eleint 8

Having recovered a substantial sum of money for the Elsir Consortium, the party are provided with an all expenses paid stay at the prestigious House of Sleep, run by Kalaban Whisperwind.

In Overlook, they find romance, fail in a heroic rescue; the rescuers become the rescuees, gain a reputation for buying extensive rounds of drink, meet the fable Farstriders and are befriended by the irrepressible Edgar Sommerfield.

Suthek chooses to stay in the boarding house and enjoy the life of luxury, pandered he rests in the bath and afterwards decides to destroy his badge provided by the Baneites.

Girshi and Vangyr decide that they need to investigate the famous brewery. On the way to the brewery they see a group conducting a “shake-down” of a Halfling storekeeper and his wife.

A heroic intervention occurs….

Vangyr engages them in conversation, but that ends in an altercation. He over-confidentally steps forward to dispatch the two thugs in front of him with his magical frost-axe, when he realises that the thugs are accompanied by a Wizard. A blast from a flaming jet of fire, sets Vangyr alight, and sends him scurrying off back down the alley to the safety of the street, while sounding the retreat. The thugs watch Vangyr run off and take their revenge on the shopkeeper’s wife by beating her to death.

Despite the call to retreat Girshi chooses to stand his ground. The thugs swing wildly at him, missing, and he returns the favour. The Wizard catches Girshi with a ray that saps a third of his strength. The next swings all go well wide on both sides, while the Wizard casts a spell that robs Girshi of his sight.

As Vangyr prepares to re-enter the fray a band of adventures charge down the alleyway from the other end to the rescue.

The rescuers quickly dispatch the thugs but the Wizard escapes across the roof tops.

The newcomers heal Girshi of his blindness and introduce themselves as the Farstriders, a band of some renown.

In the spirit of friendship and for their own safety the Farstriders insist on accompanying the pair to the brewery where Vangyr buys round after round for those in the tavern, much to his chagrin, and the locals delight.

Late into the night the Farstriders chaperone the pair back to the guesthouse with a promise to meet them tomorrow at the Gathering.

A brief interlude.
1372 DR Eleint 1

The party return to Brindol and are feted as heroes. They return the stolen items to the Hall of Valour and the captured towns’ people are returned safely to their homes.

1372 DR Eleint 2

They see a number of posters exhorting people to take arms to defend the vale against Orc raiders in the Stonehold Mountains.

The party are summoned to the Hall of Valour where they are thanked for the successful rescue, and questioned over the seemingly now magical ceremonial blade that they recovered.

They are given a letter from Shorty that explains their absence has been noted by the Banites, and the city of Mintar is in lock-down after a “terrorist attack”. In the attack the Thayan Enclave has been utterly destroyed, with no survivors.

Councilmember Eoffram Troyas explains that they will keep the sword and carry out some tests to determine further the nature of the new-found enchantment.

He requests further help from the party. A caravan bringing vital supplies to the town from Overlook is late. The increased activity from Hobgoblins and Orcs has him worried that something sinister has happened. He asks if the party will travel the road to Overlook and see if they can determine the fate of the caravan.

The party equip themselves and travel up the road. After nearly 20 hrs on the road they discover a grisly site. The caravan has been ambushed by raiders with no survivors. All the goods and livestock have been taken and the trail leads north towards the Stonehold Mountains. They estimate that the attackers numbered 75-100 creatures, and evidence suggests an Orc attack.

They note that all of the enemy arrows and weapons that remain have a small, engraved, black arrow mark on them.

In the wreckage they find a strongbox belonging to the Elsir Consortium. After Kaeraerlia succumbs to the poison trap, the party open the strong box to find it contains nearly 5 000 gold pieces. After some discussion they decide to leave the prize intact and return it to Brindol.

Upon arriving in Brindol they break the news to Councilmember Troyas. The party decide to travel back long the road to Overlook and return the strongbox to the Elsir Consortium.


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