Test FR Campaign

The truth behind the curtain?

The Heroes are unconvinced by the responses they receive from Grovindal so they vow to return in the evening when it is quieter and carry out some further investigations.
Upon arriving at the seemingly deserted shrine, they begin to look round. Before they can go very far they are confronted by Grovindal and a number of armoured thugs who appear intent on stopping them.

The forgotten mound

The Heroes confront the thugs and the evil cleric of Shar.

After a terrifice fight that witnessed the near loss of Janice and Grishi, the Heroes pervail; the turning point being an inspired trip effort by Janice.

Upon questioning the survivors they learn that the keeper of the shrine was murdered and her body buried near the fountain.

The thugs claim to be hired mercenaries, who receive their orders from Durkik, the high priest of Moradin.

The Heroes turn the survivors over to the watch captain, and turn in for the night.

The recovery continues...

The Heroes rest after their exertions, and guard the resting place of the fallen shrine guardian.

In the morning they discover that a Speak with Dead speel will not work and carry out some further investigations.

A trip to the temple of Moridan sees the Heroes roughly handled by the public who seem to have taken a dislike to them.

The Heroes send a message to the High Priest of Moridan requesting an audience on a delicate matter.

Ambushed in Overlook!

The Heroes set off to see the High Priest of Moradin, only to be ambushed in the streets of Overlook by a gang of street thugs and black-clad assassins.

The fight is mighty, and sees the Heroes victorious, but Girshi is struck low by poison and is almost fatally wounded.

The assassins upon death are revealed as doppelgangers, and the plot thickens….

The clean-up begins

The Heroes, having narrowly defeated the ambushers, carry the bodies of the Doppelgängers to the Temple of Moradin.

They enter the Temple carrying the bodies and are confronted by an outraged priest who informs them that they must leave having dishonoured the name of Moradin.

The Heroes wait outside while High Priest Durkik arrives. Durkik explains that he did not summon them, and has had no recent communication with the Heroes. He asks them to leave and return in the morning when these matters might be better discussed.

The Heroes agree and return to the site of the ambush with the city watch to report the incident. Once they have completed their report they head home to their lodgings in the city.

The next day....

At Dawn Tern prays for his spells and proceeds to hallow the restored Temple of Lathandar. The Heroes set out after cashing in their loot to meet Durkik the High Priest of Moradin.

During the meeting they explain that they believe a group of Dopplegangers are inflitrating the city, and ask for assistance. Durkik provides a Gem of Seeing which shoould allow the Heroes to root out the Dopplegangers.

For the rest of the day the Heroes visit a number of important people in Overlook to reveal their true natures. Having found no Dopplegangers, they retire for the night. Tern keeps possession of the Gem.

The following day, the Heroes visit the Council Chambers to reassure themseleves that the city is not being overseen by Dopplegangers.

They later visit the Stone Anvil where they receive a less cordial welcome. On the way out Tern is approached by the Ancestor Korross who confides in him that he has concerns about the behaviour of the High Priest who he believes is acting out of character.

The Heroes are unsure of their next steps but decide to have the Gem checked by an independent source, Rufus Crumley. He confirms their suspicions that this is not a Gem of Seeing but a magical fake.

Girshi decides to question Myra as to why the Gem was mis-identified by her in the first place. She confirms Rufus’ findings and swears that her original identification was accurate.

The Heroes retire to consider their next move, and Girshi finds himself in the dog-house…


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