Tern Cullen

A sturdy looking man in his early 20's, his hair shoulder length and fair with hazel eyes. His face is pleasant to look at, and the once broken nose he has adds character. His zest for life is apparent with his ready smile and easy manner.


Cleric 5, Morninglord 4.

Strength= 16
Dexterity= 10
Constitution= 16
Intelligence= 14
Wisdom= 18
Charisma= 19 (started as 17 but went up one at 4th level)

Hit Points = 99

AC = 23 (Full Plate +1 and a Large Steel Shield +2).

Feats include Combat Casting, Strong Soul, Spellcasting Prodigy (Divine), Improved Turning and also lately Leadership.

Uses a +1 Heavy Mace (called a Dawnbreaker), but carries a silvered Masterwork Dagger if ever needed and also has a Masterwork Spear that he uses from time to time.

His armour is traced with copper and brass etchings, showing reliefs of Lathander, morning sun motifs and etched writings of the Morninglord. His shield has a rising sun emblazoned on it.

His backpack is full of usual adventurers gear, but he also carries a full healers kit and writing material, along with a couple of books of uplifting Lathander writings.


Tern is a Morninglord of Lathander, and in many ways is typical of his deity’s outlook. He is energetic, rarely downbeat and finds the humour in a great many situations and circumstances. He has been travelling the realms for a few years now doing the Morning Lords work, having originated from a village called Hops Brew (where a really nice pint of heavy named Old Rook is made to the delight of the locals and passing travellers) in Shadowdale. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than thwarting the Undead and evil in all its forms, though his appreciation of a good evening sharing drinks, great food with people in a tavern and singing songs can come a respectable second at times. He also likes to read when he can (not as often as he’d like as a proper Morninglord doesn’t shilly shally when there is evil to thump) and his penmanship/calligraphy/illumination is a source of some pride.

He really hates Banites, Velsharoon followers (what a shock), Sharites and Zhents. These intolerances should come as a surprise to precisely no-one. He had heard rumours that one of the Heroes of Brindoll was a Necromancer, and is somewhat glad that the suspect is no longer with them, as trying to bring to justice one of the people he was trying to find would be a somewhat bizarre and counter productive task. In any case the Heroes he has met have advised him that Suthek was only a misanthropic Wizard, and had never got the dead to get up and walk about, and if they tell him that, he’s happy to believe them. People have started lumping him in with the Heroes of Brindoll, Overlook etc etc, and though he is flattered (the Heroes are Heroes after all) he won’t feel like the tag fits until he has actually done something for the people in a more tangible fashion.

He has a lot of time for followers of Ilmater, Chauntea, Mielikki, Sharess and Tymora, having assisted and been assisted by them in the past. He likes followers of Sune, though only in small doses as while they seem like a nice bunch of people he’s been told by them on more than one occasion “You’d be really handsome if your nose hadn’t been broken”. The nose in question was broken in one of his earliest fights as a young cleric, and he bears it with pride as a badge of honour and also to supposedly guard against excessive overconfidence, as it was a skeleton that clouted him one (though what an excess of overconfidence looks like to a Lathander Morninglord doesn’t bear thinking about).

His father Hapwill is a farmer and his mother Rhia helps on the farm as well as in Hops Brewery that gives the village its name. Tern has 3 siblings, called Teller (older brother working on the farm), Khara (younger sister and newly married to the son of the shopkeeper in the village) and lastly Tirah (youngest sister and new guardswoman in nearby Shadowdale in service to Lord Mourngrym Amcathra). He is on excellent terms with all his family and writes to them frequently to let them know what he is up to. His childhood and early years were happy ones with his close family.

He believes that being a Priest, let alone a Morninglord of Lathander is a chance to be a beacon of hope and encouragement to everyone he meets and that’s how he approaches life, offering aid to the hard done by and oppressed that he encounters. If he has a fault it is that he takes the dreaded/renowned Lathander zeal to great lengths and can become restless to the point of impetuosity when he feels not enough action is being taken to deal with the matter at hand.

Despite this, when battle is joined he likes a sensible and orchestrated approach to combat, with his support spells, a few direct attack spells and fighting ability always on hand to bolster his allies and strike down his enemies (if he can ever succeed on a ranged touch attack his Searing Light spells will hurt someone, he knows it) . If Undead appear he is front and centre to show that the glory and power of Lathander opposes the foulness of such things.

Of late in Overlook he has been driven by the need to fix and restore the shamefully neglected Temple of Lathander, and much of his available moneys, efforts and attentions have been towards that goal, evil smiting permitting. He’s managed to clean it up, stop a couple of the bigger holes letting in the rain and also managed to reconsecrate and Hallow the place. It has a long way to go, but he is confident that in time it can surpass its former appearance and be a Temple to make the Lord of Morning proud once more.

Tern Cullen

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