Suthek Amon Baoth

A medium height, skinny and sallow young lad in his late teens, sunken eyed and clad in well travelled clothes in a hood with shaven head.


Retired Hero

Feats=Disciplined, Spellcasting Prodigy, Combat Casting

Skilled in Alchemy, with a developing understanding of magical theory covering the Planes, Religion and Necromancy in particular.


Hailing from Thay, Suthek Amon Baoth was a promising student at an academy and showed remarkable ability and focus in his studies. Indeed, it was thought his talents lay in the spheres of Enchantment and Charm, or so his masters believed. He only cared for 2 things in the whole world, one was his studies and the other was his sister Xeela who had cared for him in the wake of their parents death some years previously. Xeela was no Wizard, but a beautiful musician and entertainer; sadly this was her downfall, as everyone knows that Wizards are paramount and have influence in Thay, and merely being an entertainer gives little protection against the whims of an influential Wizard, especially one who appreciates a pretty and graceful face. Such a one was Talik Dun, an Instructor of Enchantment at Sutheks school. He was taken by Xeela’s many qualities and sought her as a concubine. Xeela declined, and being a hard willed young woman surprisingly resisted the magical coercion Talik tried to use publicly. Talik was shamed before his peers and students and in a fit of Wizardly rage used another of his talents. This was of fire. Xeela was burnt to ash in a moment, with only some remains like a finger left untouched by the conflagration. A shocked and grief stricken Suthek gathered up what he could of his sisters remains and vowed vengeance against his tutor, he also vowed to restore his sister. No priest in Thay would raise his sister and so he turned his studies and aptitude away from Enchantment (vowing hatred against it’s practitioners) and towards Necromancy. His sister would live again or he would join her in death. No middle ground existed.

His change of studies brought him into conflict with his former tutor Talik who did not appreciate a second slight from the Baoth siblings, and he was forced to leave the Academy under a cloud. It was either that or die he knew. Now he roams the Realms seeking power over death, familiar now to the way the world works and resolved never to be weak again.His feelings about Thay are now somewhat conflicted.On the one hand there is a small degree of pride in his being Thayan of the Mulan race, but he also nurtures great anger towards a society that allowed his sister to be slain on a whim. When he was younger he had hoped to become a Red Wizard but that now seems incompatible with his life as it is and in truth the more he sees of the outside world the less appealing the idea becomes. Now he shall save his sister and have his revenge.

He has a familiar, a rat called Krei who he has for company. He used to regard Krei as a tool but now regards the creature more as a pet, and as it grows in power as he does, perhaps a confidante and friend.

In terms of religion he follows Azuth the Patron of Spellcasters. Azuth was the deity he followed before the death of his sister, and though his world view has become more, shall we say practical or harsh, he still believes in the core ethics of Azuth. What Azuth thinks of young Sutheks views is not known.

He keeps his sworn word (though as he shall never break it he gives it sparingly) and is pragmatic and practical. He smiles little, though the rare moments when he does give a hint of the young lad he used to be.

Suthek Amon Baoth

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