Test FR Campaign

The truth behind the curtain?

The Heroes are unconvinced by the responses they receive from Grovindal so they vow to return in the evening when it is quieter and carry out some further investigations.
Upon arriving at the seemingly deserted shrine, they begin to look round. Before they can go very far they are confronted by Grovindal and a number of armoured thugs who appear intent on stopping them.


I knew it; a complete swine and a sharite to boot (and I mean to boot him). His thugs and cohorts are competent and a hard fight is in the offing, but I know that faith in Lathander and the competence of my allies will carry the day. I do fear for what has likely happened to Helena, but first things first. Victory and then answers will be ours.

The truth behind the curtain?

Looks like Tern was right (I hate that!). Ambushed by a large group of thugs, let hope we can put them down quickly as there’s only 4 of us. I think we need to hook up with a friendly mage.

The truth behind the curtain?

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