Test FR Campaign

The Ritual Chamber (continued)

The Heroes finally vaniquish their demonic foes.


Out of that cloud, but still puking everywhere. All I can do to just keep moving.
Demons and gnolls at my every turn. Tumble and run and avoid their blows.
Finally, my head clears and I can fight.
The battle turns, and we start hitting back!
Our clerics work their spells, just keeping us on our feet.
Only a couple of demons left now. And a horrible, EVIL altar.
I’m down!
Now I’m up again!
I tumble to my feet and use my momentum to swing my flail…
Good shot! Into the gnoll-demon’s head!
Time for him to die!

The Ritual Chamber (continued)

A close run thing for sure, but with faith, blood and sweat we have managed to prevail over a deadly foe and can now get this business done. The Heroes of Brindoll are well named as they are fierce allies who don’t know the meaning of the word retreat or surrender, especially in the face of Cosmic Evil. Each bring valuable skills and talents to the fray, with Girshi hitting foes with dependable stone crushing inexorability. Janice moves fast and hits hard with her flail and Kaeraelia has incredible movement and timing to be where she is needed. I am in good company with these people for the work we do is excellent. Now to close this portal…

The Ritual Chamber (continued)

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