Test FR Campaign

The Ritual Chamber

The Heroes choose to meet the Gnoll reinforcements in an adjacent corridor – this eliminates the Gnoll advantage of numbers, and forces them to face the Heroes sturdy melee combatants.
Through judicious use of a healing wand and meaty blows the Heroes quickly dispatch the Gnoll reinforcements.

The Heroes turn their attention to the throbbing sound coming from the great hall. They open the double doors to witness a ritual in progress, carried out by a large Gnoll flanked by two demons, two Gnoll guards and observed by the remains of the prisoners captured from Elsir Vale.

Never ones to shy away from the challenge of evil the party use their moments of surprise to charge at full speed across the chamber to engage the Gnoll leading the ritual.

The Heroes run across the room, mount the steps and attack the Gnoll priest, causing significant but not yet fatal damage. The surprised Gnolls and demons are slow to react and cause little effective injury, however the lowly Dretchs prove to be more resourceful. They use their Stinking Cloud spells to render the area around the alter dangerous: catching Girshi, Tern, Janice & Thorn in the effect.

Kaeraelia continues to fight from the edges for the room, moving and shooting to reduce the number of Dretchs with some success.

All but incapacitated the other Heroes make a tactical retreat to get clear of the Cloud but remain nauseated for some time. During the period of retreat the Gnolls and demons swarm to attack causing considerable damage.

As the nausea comes to an end, Tern calls upon the power of Lanthander to disrupt the ritual and cleanse the altar of Yeenough – the area is filled with the power of the Morning Lord and the ritual and portal appear to falter…


By the Lord of Morning but we are up against it now! Still, we live yet and with the touch of Lathander (a Consecrate spell cast) laid upon this abomination of a place we will fight this bunch of Abyssal freaks; I wonder if there is something in that Sword with the voice that is in Kaeraelias bag that may help us. The Sword asked us to bring her here, and so we have, now perhaps it is an idea for our Scout to remove it from the bag of holding it is currently in to see what can come of it. At the moment any advantage we can produce (no matter now small or unlikely) can only be to the betterment of our cause. Some pot pourri might be welcome as well after the unwelcome abundance of Stinking Clouds (somebody open a window, please!).

The Ritual Chamber

Cough! Gasp! Splutter! That stinks! Can’t fight! Needed to get out of that cloud fast – stopped me fighting just when I was laying in to the gnoll priest.
Well, this has turned into a real screw-up. Better retreat and re-group (and get some healing) asap.

The Ritual Chamber

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