Test FR Campaign

The recovery continues...

The Heroes rest after their exertions, and guard the resting place of the fallen shrine guardian.

In the morning they discover that a Speak with Dead speel will not work and carry out some further investigations.

A trip to the temple of Moridan sees the Heroes roughly handled by the public who seem to have taken a dislike to them.

The Heroes send a message to the High Priest of Moridan requesting an audience on a delicate matter.


More unusual goings on in this most bizarre of cities. My friends the Heroes of Overlook (and Brindoll etc etc) being mistreated in the temple of Moradin? That can’t be right. These heroes have risked it all to save this city and many people within and without it and all they get is abuse? That shouldn’t be asked. We’ll get to the bottom of this mischief and calumny somehow, perhaps Durkik the High Priest will be able to offer insight into these problems.

On a lighter note, the work rebuilding the Temple of Lathander is picking up a little pace, and though my efforts so far have been efficient but hardly attractive (not being an architect and using Shape Stone with Make Whole has that effect I suppose) it’s been really encouraging to see the faithful turning out to help. Together we’ll make this Temple come alive again and in its rebirth people can once again have a Temple to be proud of and a place to find comfort and support. I wonder what shape His Faithful shall take as the work continues?

The recovery continues...

Strange things are afoot in this town. I thought Girshy was going to rip off that dwarf’s head! Let’s see if we can get to be bottom of it all without shedding too much blood (especially mine).

The recovery continues...

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