Test FR Campaign

The old lady next door

1372 DR Flamerule 28

The following day the party have their breakfast rudely interrupted by the Banite Guard Captain with another task. The must investigate a report of strange sounds and lights at an abandoned house in Mintar.

They interview a neighbour (The old lady next door) who informs them that the house belonged to a wizard who had been dead for over 200 years. However the woman indicates that she knew him, and that he had always been very helpful with her shopping, rubbish collection, and a little light gardening.

The party decide to search the affected house and find it to be in pristine condition, but decorated in a very old fashioned style.

Finding nothing of note they assume that the house is empty until the half-orc is surprised when a concealed door under the stairs opens and an animated candelabra emerges, and attacks. After a brief struggle the candelabra is subdued and restrained.

The party proceed to the basement where they find a large empty room that may have once served as some form of laboratory. In the centre of the room is a large pile of rubbish. The rubbish heap contains bits of equipment, the results of failed experiments and broken magical items.

While searching through the rubbish they trigger a number of strange magical effects; including being attacked (and nearly killed) by a half-formed stone statue. One of these effects allows the Kaeraelia Rael to see a vision of her brother sitting in a tavern, in the background a large fish appears to be mounted upon the wall.

Having determined the nature of the threat the party return to the Banite Guard Captain and inform him of their findings. He provides the standard reward and tells them that his men will deal with the situation now.


Our encounter in the magicians old home. Minor objects of interest, but the half formed stone statue attack almost did for us. Now that would have been galling. A few odds and sods for components but little to enrich our little group. Still, another job done for the local regime and a very pleasant little old lady who, if she doesn’t watch out about her well meaning but possibly fatal views on the Banites wil likely be our next rounding up mission. If so, at least it’ll be easy and there may be a nice pie or cake in it for us.

The old lady next door

That little old lady was a bit odd, now that I think of it. She remembered the mage, she said, yet he has been gone some two centuries. Either her memory is fading, she is of a race of some great age or there is more to her than we initially believed. Perhaps a re-visit to her may aid my cause…she may know more of the city than most. She was brave enough to speak to us and seemed little concerned by our mission. In my experience the most powerful are least concerned by everyday things. Either that or she is a senile old fruitbat.

The old lady next door

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