Test FR Campaign

The forgotten mound

The Heroes confront the thugs and the evil cleric of Shar.

After a terrifice fight that witnessed the near loss of Janice and Grishi, the Heroes pervail; the turning point being an inspired trip effort by Janice.

Upon questioning the survivors they learn that the keeper of the shrine was murdered and her body buried near the fountain.

The thugs claim to be hired mercenaries, who receive their orders from Durkik, the high priest of Moradin.

The Heroes turn the survivors over to the watch captain, and turn in for the night.


May Helena be at rest with Chauntea now; we all go to our deities in the end and hope we were worthy of them, but it is a sadness that she went so soon, slain by the machinations of a Sharite cleric. Livinia took the information better than expected, but it is too hard to judge her in her distraught state of mind. I hope to stay in touch with her and offer what assistance I can in her mourning time.

As to the Sharite and his surviving doppleganger minion, over to the authorities for their proper interrogation and just punishment. I am troubled regarding what he said about his working for the High Priest of Moradin. It’s so like a Sharite to lie, dissemble and spread deceit, but a small part of me says “what if he is for once truthful?”. I hope the Overlook authorities get to the heart and truth of the matter. In the meantime, I shall attend to the restoration of the House of my Lord of Morning and strive to make it fit for His worship and to make the Faithful come again to his house, for faith in the Morninglord and his message of Hope, Renewal and Rebirth is surely needed in this sad and benighted city.

The forgotten mound

Justice and Good won through in the end. There should be no place in this world for evil scum like these. It was a bit hard-going in places, but once we got a bit more cohesion in party and applied the right tactics, there was only one outcome. Lets find out why they were here and go spoil their plans…

The forgotten mound

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