Test FR Campaign

The clean-up begins

The Heroes, having narrowly defeated the ambushers, carry the bodies of the Doppelgängers to the Temple of Moradin.

They enter the Temple carrying the bodies and are confronted by an outraged priest who informs them that they must leave having dishonoured the name of Moradin.

The Heroes wait outside while High Priest Durkik arrives. Durkik explains that he did not summon them, and has had no recent communication with the Heroes. He asks them to leave and return in the morning when these matters might be better discussed.

The Heroes agree and return to the site of the ambush with the city watch to report the incident. Once they have completed their report they head home to their lodgings in the city.


By the Morning Sun, that was a major lack of judgement on my part; whatever made me think taking the doppelganger bodies to show Durkik was a good idea? I made full contrition to him and apologised at length, so hopefully we can move on from this. At least he is giving us a proper meeting to explain the situation that I clumsily tried to do before.

On a better note, my devotion and diligence has been rewarded, for now my connection to the Divine allows me new powers, spells and rites. I can now Raise any of my friends who may fall, and I have now been able to properly Hallow and reconsecrate the Temple to Lathander. This is a source of great pride and happiness to me, and now the faithful can come in the mornings to give praise in the proper manner so long denied them. It’s moments like these that lift us all.

The clean-up begins

Wow! That Durkik bloke was a bit cranky? Its not like we killed them inside the temple. Unless he is upset that the ambush failed?…

On the plus side, I have managed to pick up a trick of using my weapon to give me extra defence.

The clean-up begins

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