Test FR Campaign

Spiritual retreat....?

The Heroes spend a little time and cash in Overlook to replace some of their resources.

Tern investigates what might be needed to reclaim the glory of the temple of Lanthander, and in doing so uncovers the mighty works being undertaken in the name of Moradin.

The Heroes meet up to travel to the abandoned temple of Chauntea to meet the priestess and discover why she has sought their help.

After their discussion they set off to the Shrine of Chauntea to question Gorvindal about the whereabouts of Helena.

As they leave the shrine a worshiper suggests that things are not right with Grovindal and that they Heroes should question him further that evening when the shire is quiet.


Looks like the restoration of the Temple to Lathander in Overlook will have to be carried out by the lay membership and myself, as the Moradin temple and its extensive works seems to have cornered all the artisans in the city. This city is a desolate and ill seeming place, with lost people roaming the streets with no hope of anything better and no joy of life within many of them. It seems as if their spiritual centre has fell away from them leaving them adrift. I am now more than ever convinced that the Lathander Temple must be restored within the religious quarter, for in raising a beacon to His Glory, perhaps other Temples of other deities can see that the fires of hope and faith can be stoked again, bringing something precious back into the peoples lives and hearts. I can but try.

This business with the missing Chauntea follower Helena concerns me greatly. This Grovindal character? If he’s a follower of Chauntea I’m a Zhent. Whatever foul mischief he is up to will not be allowed to remain hidden and like the coming of the morn my colleagues and I will shine the light of truth, discover the nature of his evil and bring an end to it. The Church of Chauntea and its followers is a noble one, and friends to Lathander. I shall do right by my Lord, by Chauntea and by the people of Overlook. It cannot be otherwise.

Spiritual retreat....?

I’m not sure if we need to get involved in religious sqabbles. Maybe the woman has had a crisis of faith and the church are trying to hush it up.
However, Tern seems very convinced that the replacement priest is an imposter…

Spiritual retreat....?

Mintar, as mentioned by this Grovindal, is somewhere I had hoped never to be reminded of. The idea of returning to hunt for my errant brother (and therefore returning home to complete my errand) is long behind me. I now see I have been remiss in my familial duty. Yet, surely I am doing better for my family honour by the path I now follow? In any case, I hope that nothing drags me back there: I have no wish to ever see its Banite hordes again.

I could do without this whole temple caper if I’m honest. I feel somewhat resentful helping other faiths when my own has not even a mere shrine here. I suppose it is not in Shaundakul’s nature to be confined to fixed points though, so that is of little matter. Yet, for some reason, it rankles.

Spiritual retreat....?

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