Test FR Campaign

Shorty sends them away...

Sent from Mintar to Brindol….

Half way towards Brindol the party is ambushed (again!) this time by a party of Orcs.

A priest of Gruumsh, two acolytes and 6 warrior Orcs, mean that a significant fight ensues.

It is made worse when the priest resurrects the dead Orcs and the fight continues!

It’s a close run thing, but they pull through with no losses, although tempers get a little frayed.

The wand of healing is used extensively and is now down to just a few charges.


Frayed tempers? Meh. Whats a jobbing wizard to do when a thankless and self obsessed half orc oaf starts to whinge about a few scars and blows from some orcs? Perhaps the precious little fighter missed his vocation as a eunuch pleasure slave from Mulhorand. One wizard and the wand of healing can only be in one place at any given time. Anyway, we live still, our foes do not and this is the rightful way of things. Next time some healing things are required, perhaps some potions of healing should be carried throughout our little group, because the most wizardly I felt throughout the whole fracas was when my magic missile felled that orc. At any rate, once we have this business in Brindall sorted out Shorty had better have some information for Kaeraelia about her obnoxiously hard to find brother or else there shall be trouble.

Shorty sends them away...

I’m not really a fighting woman, so there’s rather too much blood on my hands right now. Still, I must admit that I am proving to have a greater aptitude for such work than I had anticipated. And the rush of blood is quite intoxicating knowing that my skill and courage is all between me and a visit to the planes. With Shaundakul’s blessing, I will make it a while until that visit needs be made.

Shorty sends them away...

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