Test FR Campaign

Many a trip between...?

The Heroes attack the Shadar-Kai and Gnolls in the room with a barrage of spring attacks and missile fire.

The Gnolls they by-passed in the shifting room, have followed them and now are set to attack from behind. The Heroes decide to move into the training room and spike the stone doors closed ensuring that they are attacked from only one direction.

The Shadar-Kai weapons master provides a pertinent display on the use of the spiked chain as a reach weapon, and for the purposes of tripping.

However, excellent work from the Heroes, even those who have been tripped and are left lying on the ground, brings what was a sticky situation to a positive end. Girshi manages to keep trading blows with the Weapons Master, while Tern casts healing spells from the floor. Janice and Kaeraelia make short work of the remaining Gnolls.

After defeating the ground forces the Heroes continue to be subject to missle fire from covered positions. In these circumstances they drag the body of the Weapons Master to a adjacent corridor, and wait for enemy reinforcements to arrive.


I knew that spiked chain wielding clever clogs was going to be trouble. Oddly enough throughout that fight with him and his Gnollish allies the only damage I took was to my dignity, for I spent most of the fight on my back after being tripped. Still, a prone me was as useful as an upright one as I was still able to cast healing upon Girshi when he looked like his ability to fight on was waning. As tricky a fight as this was, the Heroes of Brindol etc are a capable band, and between Kaeraelia’s effective skirmish style fighting, Janices skill and the sheer brute force power of Girshi the outcome was never really in doubt. Mention must go to Thirn as well, for he played a steady and no nonsense role in the battle too. Now we have to face off against the 3 Gnolls and their four legged in-laws. We shall see what tricks they have. I must confess that the situations these Heroes get themselves into I am quite enjoying, and I hope to be of aid as long as is needed to help them in their quest to save The Vale and its good citizens. With my Lord Lathander as my guide, let our foes look to their laurels and prepare for a right good smiting.

Many a trip between...?

A tough fight. Nasty weapon that spiked chain. Just as well his fellows couldn’t take advantage of us all rolling about in the dirt. Once he was dealt with, the rest soon followed. Now to deal with the rest of these dogs…

Many a trip between...?

I am beginning to get quite used to this falling over lark. I wonder how fate will conspire to dump me on the seat of my pants next? Still, my dignity is the main casualty so as long as that remains the case at least we survive.

Many a trip between...?

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