Test FR Campaign

Artistes are so sensitive....

1372 DR Midsummer

The party visit the Gray Hand and see a show that Bane and his followers would certainly not approve of!

However, in their excitement they upset the artistes and drive them out of town.

They meet Shorty and are assigned a task by him.


Proof, if proof were needed, that when the people skills of the group reside with the Wizard hailing from Thay, there’s going to be upset. When a person who works as a hired goon for the local Banite authorities has just been lampooned in a puppet show in front of a barfull of people, and goes backstage to give a friendly warning to the puppetteer, the possiblities of innuendo and veiled threat are surprisingly high, as the half elf has discovered.

Artistes are so sensitive....

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