Test FR Campaign

And so it begins....

1372 DR Flamerule 25

A half-elf (Kaeraelia Rael), a half-orc, a dwarf and a human (Suthek Amon Baoth) are travelling in a coach to Mintar for their own private reasons.

It is a dark and stormy night when a few miles from the city the coach throws a wheel.

The party gets out to look around, and help the coachmen conduct repairs.

The spot some lights out near the rocky shore. The lights appear to be sending some kind of signal to a ship sailing quite far off-shore.

They decide that, under the circumstances and considering the weather, it would be best if they pressed onwards to Mintar.

Arriving in Mintar they find the city under marital law imposed by the followers of Bane. At the entrance to the city they are registered and allocated rooms in the tavern of the Gilded Peasant by a local Banite administrator.

1372 DR Flamerule 26

At breakfast the following morning, having indicated that three of the four of them are looking for work, they are marched by a guard captain and a troop of soldiers to a local butcher shop. The shop is in a three storey building with the business premises on the ground floor and family living quarters on the second and third floors.

The guard captain informs the party that they must clear the shop and house of all occupants. Despite vigorous, yet peaceful, protests of innocence from the family the party clear the house and march the family to a market square near one of the main city gates. There the family are split by gender by Banite soldiers and are loaded into wagons. Each of the wagons are already full of people. Once the butcher’s family are loaded on the wagons pull out of the market square and head out through the city gate.

The party are thanked for carrying out their duties are given a small paper receipt in lieu of payment. They are told to take these slips to the main administrative centre in the city where they will be rewarded.

Upon arrival they are given a small payment for the completion of the allotted task and are give a symbol of Bane in the form of a small broach. They are told that this will identity them to Banite patrols and ensure that they are not obstructed in their duties.


As Kaeraelia, a half-elven scout, I can vouch for the accuracy of the above account, but feel my comrades and I were given little choice by those Banites; it was either to help them or, I trusted, to ‘face the consequences’. Now, alas, we have found ourselves unable to break free of their menace and therefore untrusted among the general populace. This is most inconvenient as I must find a fugitive, whom I pursue for my family’s honour; nay, for its continued existence. I cannot leave the accursed town of Mintar until he gives me what he must, what is my right. A quandry, I confess, and one I do not embrace willingly. Yet, sometimes we are not entirely masters of our own destiny. Patience!

And so it begins....

Speaking as the young male Human Wizard Suthek Amon Baoth (formerly of Thay and a proud member of the Mulan race), I too vouch for the veracity of the above. To enhance my craft, and learn how one defeats and masters death to bring back my beloved sister (truly the only thing I ever cared about in these Realms) I have wandered as far as Mintar. Doing the Banites work (some may call them dirty deeds I suppose) is yet another inconvenience foisted upon a busy scholar by a cold and uncaring world, but one suffers and one endures for this is the only way people gain power and strength. I have fell in with some co travellers, namely a half elven scout (clever and adaptable), a half orcish fighter(useful) and a dwarven barbarian (odd but useful), and they are able to do the things that my studies make me a stranger to. Namely heavy lifting and standing in the way between myself and unsympathetic critics of busy Wizards. I just have to put up with their flashes of inconvenient conscience and random bleating about how bad the things the Banites make us do are. A small price to pay, and they may end up learning over our time in Mintar that in a world with the mailed fist on one hand and the bloodied nose on the other, it’s best to be the fist.

And so it begins....

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