Test FR Campaign

Ambushed in Overlook!

The Heroes set off to see the High Priest of Moradin, only to be ambushed in the streets of Overlook by a gang of street thugs and black-clad assassins.

The fight is mighty, and sees the Heroes victorious, but Girshi is struck low by poison and is almost fatally wounded.

The assassins upon death are revealed as doppelgangers, and the plot thickens….


My, but this city does keep one on their toes. Girshi laid low, and had it not been for his hardiness and my healing magic he may have went to his deity Tymora sooner than he might have liked. Some of these despicable assassins turned out to be doppelgangers, and this fits in with the running theme of who to trust in this city. For them to lay a well orchestrated and constructed ambush like this implies they knew we were coming and by this route. Someone at the other end of our message has set us up it appears, the only question is who? Just as well I like fighting evil and thwarting villains and their like, as I am getting ample opportunity to assist in their defeat here.

Ambushed in Overlook!

Who are these scum? And why are they attacking us? Cant a girl just have a few days shopping without getting her hair messed?

Ambushed in Overlook!

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