Test FR Campaign


1372 DR Eleasis 15

Travelling back from the Village they stumbled across an occupied campsite.

1372 DR Eleasis 16

The next day they are ambushed at their own campsite…

Things don’t go so well for the ambushers as they are cut down. The mystery is why did they attack?


Ambushed by some fools. Now dead fools. My only regret is that none of them was a wizard for me to root through his or her spellbook. No matter. The black dragons egg is a very welcome find, and it’s giving to certain relevant parties in a position to A; Use it and B; reward for it will certainly assist in my longterm goals. The concerned parties involved may need to supply me with another wand or 2 of healing, as the rate we are going through the original wand is quite high. Look at me, a talented and rising Wizard on the move and much of my efforts involved pretending to be a priest healing my allies. Sigh. Well, some day I’ll be laying down magical death and ruin upon my enemies, but until then I must make do and stop my allies from falling over mortally wounded.


Yes, why did they attack us? I would have liked to have asked one of their number this, and there was one survivor but alas the dwarfish barbarian has too much fondness for killing. What he has in strength is weighed down by a bludgeoning frankness, I’m sorry to report.

I feel morose about their deaths, especially as a few had holy symbols I suspect were of the more peaceable gods, yet they attacked us cravenly and without reason. Perhaps there is another form of illness in the land as they cried ‘die, evildoers!’ as they charged upon us. What could have convinced them that we, who had just risked all to liberate a poor village from pestilence, were malicious? These are hard times indeed.


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